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Gun Security Cases

Be a responsible gun owner. Keep your home defense guns, car guns, and truck guns instantly accessible but secure from unauthorized persons.  

V-Line Gun Safes are designed to safely secure your loaded firearms. They are also perfect for securing a variety of other personal items, such as jewelry, cash, credit cards, and keys.

All of our elegant and strong safes and security cases feature quick and easy access with mechanical locks. No keys to lose or dead batteries to change!

These gun security cases are ideal for your home, office, car, truck, SUV, or RV.

We offer a range of security case safe sizes to accommodate different equipment sizes and storage needs.

For example, we sell shotgun and rifle security cases so you can keep your long guns in loaders' ready condition.

Various installation and mounting options are also available to meet your permanent and portability needs.

Please browse our products and select the right V-Line security case for you so that you can secure your firearms and other valuables.


Keep safe,
Bruce N. Eimer, Ph.D.
President, Personal Defense Solutions, LLC

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